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About Cookie Island

Grab your passport and a hungry belly and let's go!


You’ll visit the Valley of the Purple Sunnies, with Daizy, Lookout and their beach bug guides, Spuds and Specks, where grapes talk and grow as large as elephants. You’ll be terrified as you run from the forty-foot-tall Macademon who guards the macadamia nuts and you’ll even meet Santa at his summer home! Watch out because there’s a battle with creatures of Crag Island to save Cookie Island. All along the way, you’ll learn to bake some of the best cookies in the world at the end of each chapter. 

You will discover Dirk and the Dough Tribe who run the island and have been marooned there for 400 years. At the end of each chapter you’ll earn a visa stamp in your passport, as well as a checklist of critters that you’ll find and check off as you adventure.  
With 300 pages of illustrations, Billy Baldwin and Liesl Bell have once again have created a world to take our imaginations on an unforgettable adventure as you bake the most wonderful cookies in the world!

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